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Static CV for IT Graduate built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap

Sooner or Later each IT graduate will be looking for a IT related job… At least most of them.   Live Demo As a Computer Science graduate I think that […]

Responsive Pagination with PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap

  Responsive Pagination with PHP, MySQL and Bootstrap Most of the websites deals with enormous amount of content that of course somehow must be displayed to the users. If a […]

Ajax Shopping Cart, PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap

Ajax Shopping Cart, PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap   Download Shopping cart applications are an integral part of e-commerce websites all over the internet, that drives the businesses profits, allowing for […]

Create Sample Demo Pages With Download Button

Sample demo pages with PHP and Download Button This is a quick tutorial for creating a sample demo pages for your website. If you want to share your projects and […]

jQuery Redirection With Countdown – Live Demo

Sometimes we want to redirect a user to a specific page within a certain amount of time. It’s good and clear if we let the user know when exactly redirection […]

PHP, MySQL, OOP Login Form Complete Example – Live Demo

This is a complete example of a PHP MySQL Login Form. Let’s start. PHP, MySQL login form consists of: Login, Password inputs & submit button Custom Logo on top of […]

jQuery Textarea Character Counter – Live Demo

Below code allows users to keep track on total number of characters in the text area. Total number of remaining characters will be displayed to give user a hint how […]

PHP Regular Array CRUD Operations Class

<?php /** *   @Autor:     Kwacho – Michal Kwasniewski *   @Website: * *   NOTE: Feel free to edit, change and use this class…just DON’T FORGET TO LINK WEBPAGE. * *   […]

PHP MySQL Connection With PDO

<?php /** * *  MySQL Connection with PDO *  Fill Values below with your own MySQL Database Credentials * *   if constants are defined:       CONNECT *   if constants are NOT […]

Set MySQL root password on OS X

Login To MySQL with: $ mysql -u root   Set new password for MySQL User: (‘Kwacho’ is our new password) mysql> Use mysql; mysql> UPDATE user SET password=PASSWORD(“Kwacho”) WHERE user=’root’; […]